Smart Screw in Touch Socket

Smart Screw in Touch Socket

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  • Provides 3-levels of brightness with each successive touch to any metal part of lamp pays for itself in 3-way bulb costs.
  • Extending bulb life and energy savings by dimming.
  • No need to buy expensive 3-way bulbs again. Use 1-way ordinary bulbs to get 3-way lighting.
  • Saves energy and increases bulb life.
  • Modernizes your existing lamp in minutes.
  • Low brightness setting provides a soft night light.
The Touch and Glow Smart Screw-in Touch Socket Dimmer is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or any area where you need adjustable light.
This device converts any lamp with a metal socket into a touch-controlled lamp and a smart dimmer. You can turn on your lamp with the touch of your finger and touch the lamp to switch between 3 levels of illumination with a sensitivity option to make touchless or more sensitive.
This device can be controlled with a Touch and Glow smart app which is free and is also used to control and monitor other touch and glow smart devices.
This is all provided in an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.

Scheduling allows you to prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed. You can use the free app to create multiple timer options like Six 7-days timers available (Mon-Sun), a countdown timer will turn off at a selectable time of 1, 2, 5 or 8 hours, etc and auto turn-off timer will automatically off the light at a given time.

The light can be set to turn off at random times to discourage intruders or flashes door light in an emergency which will be easy for Law Enforcement & Emergency vehicles to locate your house.

With Touch and Glow smart app, you can turn lights on/off from anywhere in the world. Just install the app at any platform(Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Alexa) and touch your smartphone screen for on/off.

Dim lights to any 3 settings with a smartphone
  • Full Range Dimming
  • ON/OFF
It also prevents the circuit from overloading and stops dimming automatically.


  • Maximum 150W bulb facing up, 100W bulb facing down.
  • Use incandescent or halogen bulbs 120VAC 50/60 Hz.
  • Use with metal socket lamps only. Not suitable for plastic & ceramic sockets.
  • Indoor use only in dry locations.
  • Do not use with transformer-coupled lamps and with Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.
  • UL Listed - USA & Canada.
  • Power fluctuations, Line surges, Electronic cross-talk & lightening storms may cause false activations.

Download Our App:

  • Control your smart home anywhere, anytime in the world
  • Turn lights On/Off, Dim with your smartphone or voice assistant
  • Program your lights with your tablet or smartphone
  • Convert your Light Switch, Lamp or Appliance into a smart device
  • Our easy to use app makes searching fun and intuitive.!
  • Keep in touch with the latest offers & promotions

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