Screw-In 3-Level Touch Dimmer 220VAC

Screw-In 3-Level Touch Dimmer 220VAC

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Works with 220VAC. Converts your existing lamp into a modern 3-way electronic touch lamp. Saves energy, increases bulb life. Use ordinary 1-way bulbs to get 3-way lighting. No need to buy expensive 3-way bulbs. Just screw in the metal socket lamps. Touch any metal part of lamp to cycle low, medium, high brightness and off. Pays for itself in 3-way bulb costs and energy savings. A true convenience for everybody, especially the handicapped and arthritic. Use your lamp as night light at low soft brightness level. Most compact size available in the market. Not suitable for plastic/ceramic lamp sockets. Maximum 75 Watt incandescent or halogen bulb 220VAC.

A True Convenience For Everybody, Especially The Handicapped And Arthritic Converts Your Existing Lamp Into A Modern 3-Way Electronic Touch Lamp Saves Energy / Increases Bulb Life Use Ordinary Bulb To Get 3-Way Lighting Screws In Metal Socket Lamps

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