Goodnight Lamp Turn Off Timer 12-Hours

Goodnight Lamp Turn Off Timer 12-Hours

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Screws like a light bulb in the lamp socket. Push button on timer and light turns Off automatically after selected time duration. Ideal goodnight lamp timer will automatically turn the lamp off for you. celling for reading lamps when going to sleep. Set rotary dial from 1/2-hour to 12-hours for auto light turn off. Push black button and countdown timer turns light off after selected time. Adds convenience and safety to your room. Saves money, energy, electricity and bulbs by automatically reducing operating time.


  • We Will Turn The Light Off For You!
  • Easy to Screw In The Light Socket Like a Bulb
  • Auto Turn-Off Lamp Timer With The Push Of A Button
  • Set Dial for Auto Turn-Off from 1/2-Hour to 12-Hours
  • Push Black Button On The Unit And Lamp Turns Off After Selected Time
  • No More Burning Lights When Not Needed
  • Adds Convenience And Safety
  • Works With Compact Fluorescent, Halogen And Incandescent Bulbs
  • Save Money, Energy, Electricity, And Bulbs
  • Only Screw In Socket Lamp Timer Available On The Market

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum 150 Watt 120VAC
  • Works With Fluorescent, Halogen & Incandescent Bulbs
  • Use Indoor In Dry Locations
  • UL Listed - USA & Canada

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