CFL Automatic Floodlight Control

CFL Automatic Floodlight Control

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Sleek Design Automatic Floodlight Control
Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs !
Turns Light On At Dusk And Off At Dawn
Discourages Intruders By Automatically Lighting At Night. Adds Safety And Security To Your Home
Pays For Itself In Energy Savings
Ideal For Flood Lights, Coach Lights, Patio Lights, Outdoor Pole Lights And Indoor Table Lamps
Screws Easily Like A Bulb In PAR38 FloodLamp Socket Or Regular Socket
Works With CFL, Incandesent Or Halogen Bulbs

Automatically Turns Light On At Dusk And Off At Dawn
Especially Designed To Work With Compact Fluorescents Or CFL Bulbs. Works With Yellow "Bug-Lights", Regular Incandescent And Halogen Bulbs Also
Provides Full Brightness To The Bulbs As Compared To Traditional Dusk-To-Dawn Light Controls
Screws Like A Bulb Inside PAR38 Or Regular Lamp Socket
Saves Money, Energy, Electricity And Bulbs By Automatically Reducing Operating Time
Nothing To Set And No Seasonal Adjustments To Make. Activates With Natural Sunlight
Discourages Intruders By Automatically Lighting At Night. Adds Security And Safety To Your Home
Helps Protect Your Home By Giving It A Lived-In Look While You Are Away
To Eliminate False Turn-ons Due To Lightening Or Stray Car Headlights, This Unit Has A 7-Seconds Built-In Safety Delay
Use Indoor Or Outdoor With Rain-Tight Light Fixtures

Technical Specifications
Maximum 150W Bulb Facing-Down 120VAC
Use Compact Fluorescent, Incandescent And Halogen Bulbs
Bulb Must Face Down Towards Grounds To Avoid Any Rain, Snow Or Sleet Damage (At Least 15-Degrees Down Below Horizontal Line)
Use Outdoor Inside Rain-Tight Fixtures And Rain-Tight Electrical Fixture Boxes
Offers Full Brightness To Light Bulbs Compared To Other Traditional Models
UL Listed - USA & Canada

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