Replacement Heavy Duty Touch On/Off Switch, 300W

Replacement Heavy Duty Touch On/Off Switch, 300W

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Heavy Duty Repair Kit For The Repair Of Defective Touch Lamps
Converts Your Existing Lamp Into A Modern Touch On/Off Lamp
Installs Inside The Base Of Your Lamp And Converts It Into A Touch Operated Lamp
No Need to search For Lamp switch In A Dark Room. Just Touch The Lamp
A True Convenience For Everbody, Especially The Elderly And Arthritic
Ideal For Converting Any Table Lamps, Floor Lamps, Store Displays, Light Fixtures, Multiple Bulb Lamps And Any Metal Lamp With A Plug

  • Heavy-Duty Repair Kit For Touch On/Off Lamps
  • Kit Works With Compact Fluorescent Bulbs And Incandescent, Halogen Bulbs 120VAC
  • Use With Any Style Lamp Including Multiple Bulb Lamps
  • Ultra-Compact Size Fits In Small Spaces (0.75" X 1.62" X 1.75")
  • Touch Any Metal Part Of Lamp For Easy On/Off
  • Ideal For Repairing A Touch Lamp Or To Convert Your Lamp Into A Touch Lamp
  • Heavy Duty Maximum 300W Bulb Capacity

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum 300 Watts 120VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Works With Fluorescent, Incandescent And Halogen Bulbs
  • Use Indoor In Dry Locations
  • Power Fluctuations, Line Surges, Brown-Outs, Invisible Power Spikes And Lightening Storms May Cause False Activations. Just Touch Lamp To Turn On Or Off
  • UL Recognized - USA & Canada

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