Smart Dimmer Wall Switch

Smart Dimmer Wall Switch

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  • Make Your Wall Switch a Touch Operated Switch, Touch Operation for Easy On/Off.
  • Six 7-Day Timers Available (Mon-Sun), Countdown Timer, Auto Turn-Off Timer.
  • Turn Lights On/Off from Anywhere in the World. Just Touch Your Cell Phone Screen for On/Off.
  • Dim Lights by touching Switch to any 3 Settings with memory, FULL RANGE DIMMING, 3-WAY: LOW, MED, HIGH, ON/OFF.
Smart Dimmer Wall Switch, Light Switch controlled with Smartphones, Touch On/Off Wall Switch with Timer, Compatible with Alexa, Android, and IOS.  The Smart Dimmer Wall Switch is a technologically advanced switch with functions such as setting schedules, timers and triggering a chain of actions in a customizable scene (or to be part of a chain of actions). The dimmer switch boasts technology, power, and safety using advanced circuitry, quality components, and fire-resistant material.
The Touch & Glow Smart Control app is free and is used to control and monitor the use of the Wi-Fi switch. It allows you with remote on/off capabilities. This is all provided in an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.


  • Extra Large 600 Watts Capacity, 120VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Touch Wall Plate for Easy On/Off.
  • Place or Mount Wall Plate At any Convenient Location Even Using Double-Stick Tape.
  • Flexible Touch Control Wire Carries Less Voltage Then A Toy Battery.
  • UL Listed - USA & Canada.
Available With:
  • Alexa
  • Google Home

    Download Our App:

    • Control your smart home anywhere, anytime in the world
    • Turn lights On/Off, Dim with your smartphone or voice assistant
    • Program your lights with your tablet or smartphone
    • Convert your Light Switch, Lamp or Appliance into a smart device
    • Our easy to use app makes searching fun and intuitive.!
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